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 LA County bail bonds

bail bonds –  Jails are Full

After a COVID-19-related push to drop Los Angeles County’s jail population to prevent the spread of the virus, the amount of prisoners has grown according to a report from 2020 to 2022.

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The countywide jail population has grown and some inmates do not understand the option of using a bail bondsman. This uptick was partly due to restrictions on transfers during the coronavirus pandemic, which has put thousands of people in limbo waiting for their relocation to state prisons or state hospitals accordingly. 

  Approximately 2,200 inmates and staff were affected by a pandemic in 2020 that originated from 121 Chino State Prison inmates. 

 As a result, the county is back over the state capacity of 12,404, according to the downtown jail working group. 

Bookings have also increased, as the Men’s Central Jail numbers jumped up afterward.

Los Angeles Men’s all of a sudden holds about one-third of the county’s jail inmates and is located close to the downtown criminal courthouse.

Los Angeles (310) 275-2624
Van Nuys (818) 658-9444
Rancho Cucamonga (909) 717-3570

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  Full stay-away restraining order. Stay-away orders are the most restrictive, requiring the restricted person to stay away from all contact. 
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Intimidation, harm, discussion, and the possible occurrence of such situations call for protection. Thus, a judge in a criminal case issues a stay-away order to protect a crime victim or witness. The