Bail Bonds and Artificial Intelligence – State Bill 10

Artificial Intelligence and Bail

The case against Artificial Intelligence and Bail & risk assessment tools for release from custody, as follows: SB 10 (state bill 10) seeks to use computer algorithms to determine whether or not someone is eligible to be released from custody. Thus ending the cash bail system in place. The AI process is flawed due to it mimicking human bias.

IBM launched an Artificial Intelligene chatbox and within 24 hours it was sending out racist tweets. AI mimics human behavior, which is flawed inherently. AI is trained by the humans it interacts with. How long will it take these algorithms to become racially biased? And how will we know when it does?

Artificial Intelligence and Bail – Is it too late?

By the time we realize it may be too late and too many lives would have been affected by its flawed legal decision making process.

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For example, in San Bernardino County, a felon with a firearm is facing a 100,000 dollar bail amount. While in Riverside County, that same serious charge, bail is a mere 3,500. Huge difference. In order to have a bail system that is fair and right for everyone, we must first define what right looks like. Why do we have these huge difference of opinions legally? There are many aspects to the answer.

Humans are flawed, we make mistakes. Artificial Intelligence and bail is no different. Now, under SB 10, each county in California will be responsible to establish their own AI programs. And the huge disparity in bail amounts may erroneously continue. The bail system could use a semblance of continuity, not huge inconsistency from county to county.

When someone gets arrested they stop being a human being to everyone except their loved ones. As licensed California bail agents, our primary goal is helping families in a tough time. To help & support! We listen to the WHOLE story and put the puzzle together. We know there is much much more than a police report.

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