Bail Bonds Near Me in LA and Rancho Cucamonga

There are so many different bail bonds near and far, but what makes Dan’s Bail Bonds so different?

Los Angeles (310) 275-2624

Van Nuys (818) 658-9444

Rancho Cucamonga 909) 717-3570

Dan’s Reputation for Bail Bonds

Dan has a reputation for professionalism and treats all people with the utmost respect. Every call is a person who needs help, and Dan does not take advantage of the situation. In fact, Dan gives the facts to help resolve the bail situation fast. He also focuses on what is right for the family and your loved ones.

bail bonds near me
Bail Bonds Near Me

When you need help fast, you don’t have time for any nonsense. That is why it’s important you call the right bail bonds agent. The right bail agent means that your loved one is in good hands and is also treated well.

When you pull out your phone and you search bail bonds near me, remember that not all bail agents are equal. Let us earn your business by showing you we care by our actions and not words. We are here for your family and loved one in jail. We got you! Let us take those worries away, give us a call so we can explain in detail the process. Let us work with you each step of the way.

You can visit our Locations page to see a wide range of areas we provide bail bonds services. One of the unique things about the business is that Dan personally picks up every bail call. Dan picks up each call to make sure you receive the best customer support. Feel free to Contact Dan anytime.

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Over 20 years in the bail industry.

Dan has been in bail bonds for over 20 years and understands the business inside out. He has been through many bail changes, personalities, and seen tons of happy families after using him for bail. Usually, people think the worst, but end up coming away happy. We all make mistakes, but Dan has seen great things happen for your loved ones after they are back home.

Fun Fact:

Did you know? Dan Nesser of Dan’s Bail Bonds was a cast member on VH1 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew/Sober house from 2008-2011. Dan’s role on the show was the bail bondsman.

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Los Angeles (310) 275-2624

Van Nuys (818) 658-9444

Rancho Cucamonga 909) 717-3570