If you, a close friend, or a member of your family has been arrested and is being detained in a correctional facility at the present time, the first thought that usually comes into your head is how you may get the individual released from custody with a cash bond. This is probably due to the fact that you were the one who was detained. The utilization of a bail bond is one of the possible methods of accomplishing this goal that we have set for ourselves.

You have the option to pay a bail bond with cash, but in the state of California. Doing so is subject to a number of limits and standards that you are required to observe. Although this choice is available to you, it is important to be aware of these requirements. Be advised that if you opt to pay a bail bond with cash, you will be subject to the aforementioned conditions if you do so.

Cash Bond In Exchange for your Release from Jail

The court may require you to post what is known as a cash bond, which is a predetermined sum of money. There are a few other names for it, including “surety bond” and “bail bond.” When you post a cash bond, you are essentially assuring the court that you will appear for all of your scheduled court appearances and adhere to all of the conditions issued by the court until your case is concluded. In the event that you do not comply, the court has the authority to hold the cash bail you posted and to issue a warrant for your arrest.

Paying for a Bail with Cash Bond 

When you begin the process of paying for a bail bond in the state of California. It is essential that you have a solid understanding of the many payment alternatives that are available to you. Even if paying with cash is a possibility, there are certain guidelines that you will need to follow. To begin, if cash is the only form of payment for the bond, the state of California only accepts a down payment equal to 15 percent of the full bond amount.

This indicates that in order to secure the bond with cash, a down payment of $1,500 is necessary. If the entire value of the bond is $10,000, this translates to the following. You are required to pay the whole cost up front whether you are paying with cash or a credit card (the latter of which will incur an extra fee of 1-2 percent), and there are no payment installment plans available.

In Addition

It is essential that you be aware that if you choose to pay for your bail bond with cash. You will be required to present two pieces of identification for yourself. As well as any co-signers that are included on your bond agreement. Among the kinds of identification that are accepted. Are current driver’s licenses (or state ID cards), passports, and identity cards issued by the military. In addition to these tangible forms of identification, the bondsman may also require proof of residency from the defendant. This proof of residence might take the shape of anything from bank accounts. Utility bills to rental agreements and leases. In a nutshell, before you try to pay for your bail bond in California with cash. You need to make sure that you have all of the required documentation and forms filled out and ready to go. 

In the State of California

It is possible to pay for a bail bond using cash. Doing so is subject to a number of limitations and laws. Together with two pieces of identification from both yourself and any co-signers on your agreement. You will be required to pay an initial deposit equal to at least fifteen percent of the entire cost. It is also vital to obtain any proof of residency papers before traveling over to the bondsman’s office.

This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and fast after the paperwork is completed. Remember that time is of the essence when it comes to bailing someone out of jail! If you are thinking about utilizing cash as payment for your bail bond in the state of California. Be sure that you have all of your documentation in order before you make that decision. If you need any assistance with a cash bond Dan Nesser with Dans Bail Bonds is here. To help and can be reached directly at (310) 275-2624

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