When we hear the word “City of Industry jail,” we often think of dark, scary, and confined space. But have you ever wondered what a modern-day jail looks like? Today, we’re going to explore the City of Industry Jail in California and get an inside look at its facilities, services, and operations. Located at 137 Hudson Ave, City of Industry, CA 91744, the City of Industry Jail houses hundreds of inmates every year.

If you’re ever curious about how this jail operates, then read on!

City of Industry
City of Industry

City of Industry Size and Capacity

The City of Industry Jail is one of the area’s largest jail centers. This jail houses pre-trial, condemned, and deportation prisoners in 242 beds. With a central categorization area, living units, medical center, meal service, and leisure amenities for inmates, it is modern.

The jail also has video viewing systems, digital fingerprint readers, and other high-tech tools to speed up the process of checking in and letting people out.

The City of Industry Jail is a relatively small facility, but it is well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities. The jail has two holding cells, two dormitories, and two isolation cells. The cells are equipped with bunk beds, mattresses, and bedding, and the inmates have access to toilet facilities and showers.

The jail’s central control room allows staff to watch inmates and manage entry.

City of Industry Security

The City of Industry Jail takes the issue of convict safety and the prevention of escapes very seriously, and as a result, it has a number of preventative measures in place. The facility is equipped with a round-the-clock surveillance camera system, computerized gate controls, surrounding barriers, and armed correctional officials. In addition, inmates are subject to routine searches, and their mobility throughout the facility is carefully watched for signs of any questionable behavior.

The jail staff also routinely inspects the facilities for health and security risks.


The City of Industry Jail allows inmates to receive visits from family and friends, though there are certain rules and regulations that visitors must follow. Visitors must schedule their visits in advance and present a valid ID at the time of the visit.

Visitors cannot wear exposing clothing or apparel that supports violence, drugs, or gangs. The jail searches visitors and prohibits cell phones and guns.

Inmate Programs

The City of Industry Jail also offers various programs and services to help inmates prepare for their release and re-enter society. Some of these programs include GED preparation, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, religious services, and vocational training.

The jail also provides mental health and medical services, including dental care and medication assistance, to ensure that the inmates receive proper care during their stay. However, participation in these programs is voluntary, and inmates have to meet certain criteria to qualify for them. These programs include substance abuse counseling, job training, and educational programs. These programs teach inmates how to be useful citizens after they leave jail.

City of Industry Jail

In 1993, the City of Industry Jail was built to meet the city’s rising law enforcement needs. It now holds 80 inmates, up from 20. The City of Industry Police Department runs the jail since its founding.

The City of Industry jail in California is a state-of-the-art detention facility that places an emphasis on safety, security, and inmate rehabilitation. Its modern layout, advanced technologies, and various inmate programs make it stand out from other jails in the area.

Even though it’s still a jail, the City of Industry Jail has done a lot to make sure that people who are waiting for trial or doing their time there are safe and treated well. If you ever have to go to this jail to see a friend or family member, you can be sure that it is a safe and well-run place.

Despite its modest size, it serves an important part in preserving law and order in the region. The jail offers inmates safety and programs to ready them for release. Now you can see the City of Industry Jail’s vital work.

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