Bail Bonds, Felony Hit & Runs During Protests in Hollywood

 A felony hit and run crime was committed on the evening of September 24, 2020 in Hollywood. At approximately 7:00PM, a group of more than 300 protesters marched through Hollywood. While there were isolated reports of vandalism, the group was largely peaceful. The group eventually made its way onto Sunset Boulevard. Bail Bonds Hollywood.


Bail Bonds Hollywood


At approximately 9:00PM, a blue pick-up truck traveling on Sunset Boulevard maneuvered through the crowd and became involved in an altercation. As the driver of the pick-up truck attempted to get away from the situation, he struck a protester standing in the street.

Not long after that, a white Prius attempted to drive around that same protest and also became involved in an altercation with individuals in the crowd. A black pick-up truck leading the protests accelerated and pinned that white Prius in, forcing it to come to a stop. The driver of the Prius attempted to flee the area and reversed into a green mustang behind it. That vehicle was also participating in the protest. Bail Bonds Felony.

Both the drivers of the pick-up truck and the green Mustang attempted to extract the driver of the Prius from his vehicle. However, that driver was able to get away from the scene.

Even though the driver initially escaped, several blocks away, he was detained by Hollywood officers and booked into Hollywood jail. There were no injuries associated with that second incident.

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