Marijuana Arrests – What you need to Know, Bail Bonds

Even with Marijuana being legal in California there are still several marijuana arrests. LAX has even seen a surge of pot smuggling by over 160% plus since the legalization. There are many strict rules that come with the legalization of pot.

Marijuana Arrests

  • You have to be 21 to use or purchase cannabis.
  • You may only possess 28.5 grams of a plant. Roughly about one ounce.
  • Driving under the influence is illegal and selling to minors.
  • No consumption on federal lands like national parks which can also lead to a marijuana arrest.
  • Only 8 grams if the cannabis is concentrated.
  • Giving pot or selling to minors is illegal.
  • Property owners and landlords may ban the use on their properties
  • Only state-licensed establishments may sell cannabis.
  • And don’t try to cross state lines.

At the time writing this article these were some highlights from the law, however, we are not lawyers and are not providing any legal guidance.

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Van Nuys (818) 658-9444

Rancho Cucamonga (909) 717-3570

Marijuana Arrests happen when rules are ignored.

Most people who call for bail are because they didn’t understand the law. Being over an ounce, smoking at a national park, and crossing state lines are common mistakes. So in the case that you do get caught, we are here to help. At Dan’s Bail Bonds we want to help get your loved one home, so call us so we can help you get them out fast.

Marijuana Arrests is never an easy thing to deal with but rest assured we can help you get home so that you can work with a lawyer on the next steps. You can also proactively read up on the laws. Here are a few websites to lookup:

Please take the time and truly understand where the line is so that you can avoid the trouble. It’s legal, so let’s follow the law and no more marijuana arrests. If you have any questions visit our contact page below: