So you got your bail posted and your bail bonds are complete, now what?

Once your bail is posted you will be required to appear in court. Just because you were released does not mean you have avoided the courts. When you are released you will be given a court date. You should share with your bail bonds company so that they can be on the same page as you.

What happens frequently after the bail is posted? Many people skip on the court date because they are afraid or want to avoid going to jail. This is very tempting to some when there is still possible jail time. However, skipping out on your court date is NEVER a good idea! Why? because when you skip your court date you will make your life/family life difficult. You now also have more consequences than just simply going to court.

Skipped on your bail bonds?

As soon as you decide not to appear in court you are considered to be skipping on your bail bonds. At that time you will be issued a warrant for your arrest. This means that if you get caught for a traffic ticket you will be arrested and charged additional crimes for skipping out on your bail.

Bail Bonds

Another consequence that results in heartbreak for the family is you loose all your collateral for not showing up to court.

When family or friends make the decision to help you with your bail bonds, they put their name on the line. Many times family will have to put up houses, jewelry, and many more valuable items. When you decide not to go to court you forfeit all collateral and that means even if the collateral was not yours. That is why its important to be responsible and make sure you arrive to your court date.

Also, it’s very important to understand that skipping court and not being found results in the Co-signer having to pay the entire bail bond! Could you imagine doing this to someone you really cared about? Some bail bonds are well over $100,000. So please we urge you to go to court and keep all parties happy.

Here at Dan’s Bail Bonds we are free to answer questions, concerns, and always help get you out. It’s important that you get the right answers quickly so you can always make the best decision.

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