When people think of Century Regional Detention Facility, their imaginations conjure up ideas of dark, dirty and unsafe places. However, the Century Regional Detention Facility in California is completely different. It is a prison facility that sets a new standard in correctional facilities in the US. If you are curious to know more about this facility, then let’s take a virtual tour of it together.

Century Regional Detention Facility: History

Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF) was built in the year 1997 and is located in Lynwood, California. It was designed by the renowned architect, Paul Murphy, who was inspired by a unique design concept to break the monotony that is typical of detention facilities. The facility was initially constructed to house female inmates, who were earlier housed in the overcrowded and understaffed Lynwood Jail. In 2000, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved the expansion of CRDF to increase the facility’s female inmate count capacity from 942 to 2000, becoming one of the largest female correctional facilities in the country.

Features of the Facility

Century Regional Detention

CRDF stands out for its unique features, mindful of the female inmates’ psychology. The facility barely has any cells. Instead, it contains dormitory rooms that give inmates more personal space. Bright hues paint the walls of the facility, imbuing positivity to the women prisoners. The central courtyard of CRDF has a basketball court, and a stage for performing arts, meditation, and yoga rooms, a library, a commissary, a salon, and private visitation rooms.

Inmate programs

Inmates at Century Regional Detention Facility have access to numerous educational and vocational training programs that can aid them to achieve their desired goals and attain a better future. Additionally, the prison provides drug-containing programs, mental health counseling, and anger management courses. Outside programs include apprenticeships in home restoration or culinary arts. This facility’s programs and educational resources offer prisoners the chance to develop skills in trades such as graphic design, computer coding and agricultural courses while in prison, which can ease their transition back to society.

Guards and Staff

We carefully select and train the Guard and Staff at CRDF. The facility offers a comprehensive in-service training program to the staff to help them deal with the unique challenges they face in dealing with women prisoners. The guards have established a unique relationship with the inmates, ensuring that they support and uplift each other in every way possible.

Shining Example

Century Regional Detention Facility is a bright and safe space for female inmates to rehabilitate themselves and reintegrate into society. The facility’s mission is to offer prisoners a positive experience that will lead to personal transformation. There is a lot to learn from this approach of the CRDF prison facility. It is a great effort towards reforming how prisons work and teaches us that even behind bars, the human spirit needs the right environment, resources, and support. What we can draw out from the CRDF experience is that even during the most challenging times, positive change is possible with the right attitude.

To conclude, Century Regional Detention Facility shows how a favorable atmosphere, enough resources, and a positive mentality may improve offenders’ life while detained. The country’s jail system should adopt the facility’s humanitarian approach to rehabilitate female convicts. I hope this blog has taught you anything about jail reform and how to improve prisoner lives.

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