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The Lost Hills Sheriff Station is located at 27050 Agoura Road, Calabasas, California 91301. And services the cities of Westlake Village, Agoura hills, hidden hills, Calabasas, Malibu, Topanga, Chatsworth, and west hills. The facility is tasteful & clean, built of red brick, and unlike most jails or sheriff stations in Southern California.

Los Angeles (310) 275-2624

Van Nuys (818) 658-9444

Rancho Cucamonga (909) 717-3570

This area, just north of Malibu, Ca., is beautiful. So most people don’t realize that the Lost Hills Sheriff Station sits just off the lost hills exit off the 101. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t discriminate. Bad & unfortunate things happen in some of the most serene & quiet places too.

Lost Hills Sheriff Station
Although not the Lost Hills Sheriff Station, this old Jail photo can speak a thousand words.

Back in spring 2013, Malibu closed its jail & courthouse. This closure was the result of Los Angeles county budgeting issues. So, all arrests in that area began to be taken to the lost hills sheriff station up in Agoura/Calabasas.

And lastly, time is of the essence! The lost hills sheriff station is just a holding facility for NEW arrests. And because of its ‘remote location,’ most bondsman cannot get there in time to post the bond asap! And because of this issue, your friend or loved one in jail will be transferred within 8 hours to the Metropolitan County Jail in downtown Los Angeles. Once the defendant leaves lost hills, it could be a day or 2 before they are released from custody. Not good.

Most people don’t think about, or realize, just how much criminal behavior takes place in such an idyllic setting. Especially on the very dangerous pacific coast highway. People driving under the influence of drugs & alcohol (Mel Gibson)is a constant threat every day. Nearly everyone visiting this area is going to enjoy a beautiful weather day. Most people are there to enjoy the oceans, beaches and many bars & restaurants. This inevitably leads to poor decisions that often result in an arrest. This is why it’s ALWAYS BEST to call a Lyft or Uber when partying or simply partaking. Save a trip to the Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

Take our advice, but in case you don’t…

Because most people don’t take this prudent advice, I stay in business. But I really don’t want your business. I would much prefer if you never got arrested, but stuff happens, and Dan’s Bail Bonds prides itself on outstanding customer service 8 days a week. Dan Nesser, the owner of Dans Bail Bonds, has lived & worked in Los Angeles for the past 20 years. And Dan is just a phone call away from finding someone YOU CAN TRUST & COUNT ON during your stressful time of need.

Dan Nesser will tell you when it’s in your best interest to post bail and when to not post bail. My experience can be counted on to give you excellent and correct arrest information.

So please trust in the Dans Bail Bonds office location in Van Nuys. We can be at the lost hills sheriff station in less than 20 minutes. We provide the best service and are always flexible payment wise. Be careful out there!

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