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Have Rancho Cucamonga jail search questions? We will help you find the right resources you need to get the information you need in this article.

The main jail in the area is West Valley Detention Center, also known as the San Bernardino County Jail. Your family or loved one may be in this jail and can easily be found by using the jail search website. Using the following links you can find your family or friend, see bond cost, and what they have been charged with.

Close convicted man with handcuffs behind grids

We know that understanding the bail system, charges, and other questions you may have may be challenging at first. However, here at Dan’s Bail Bonds, we help you by giving you the simple straight answers you need to make a decision.

Los Angeles (310) 275-2624

Van Nuys (818) 658-9444

Rancho Cucamonga (909) 717-3570

Dan Nesser himself will work with you to educate you on the process, what is needed to make an informed decision, and most of all get your family out of the jail. If you ever needed to call the jail directly you can always use the following contact info:

9500 Etiwanda Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739


Inmate Visiting Appointments
Tuesday through Saturday
8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Now that you are more informed about Rancho Cucamonga jail search you have access to all the info you will ever need to get the right answers. However, remember that at Dan’s Bail Bonds we can handle the process for you, get the answers you need, and great customer service along the way. We do not like to see you in these situations but are here when you need us.

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